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  2006 Martin OM-28V
Serial: 1033939

All the standard Martin Specs as far as the guitar goes. Spruce/Rosewood, etc. The guitar is a hoss. Smaller body makes it comfortable to play 3 hour gigs. Responsive and loud but always clear.  

JJB 330 pickup with volume wheel inside sound hole. The guitar sounds amazing and been with me for quite a few years playing gigs out on the road.
 It's not a museum piece, it has seen hundereds of gigs  

Has a large scratch (pictured) from a microphone attack. It's not really noticeable until you know it is there but doesn't affect anything other than cosmetics.


This has been a major work horse of mine. Has the great sound you with think from it being a V series and from being played so much. If we do one mic shows, this is what I take to play over my vintage D-35 which is a cannon as well. 

Would consider selling for $3,000 plus shipping. (Cont. U.S. Only) - Not interested in trades at all.

Standard black Martin case that came with it. Pics of the case available upon request. Case has never left my house, I carry all my guitars in fiberglass cases when gigging.

My constant companion for years.



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