2006 Martin OM-28V
Serial: 1033939

All the standard Martin Specs as far as the guitar goes. Spruce/Rosewood, etc. The guitar is a hoss. Smaller body makes it comfortable to play 3 hour gigs. Responsive and loud but always clear.  

JJB 330 pickup with volume wheel inside sound hole. The guitar sounds amazing and been with me for quite a few years playing gigs out on the road. Has a large scratch (pictured) from a microphone attack. It's really not noticeable until you know it is there but doesn't affect anything other than cosmetics. This has been a major work horse of mine. Has the great sound you with think from it being a V series and from being played so much.

This guitar & case are in really good shape. The case has never left my house. i only sell this one to justify adding in a Pre-War Guitar Company guitar to my tools of the trade.

I will post pics of the case soon but it's standard logo Martin black case. I have never had it out of the house.

$2,250 USD shipped & Insured Cont. US Only. PPFF or Venmo @gtownjeff



Martin Vintage Series OM-28V 1996 - 2013

Price Guide Estimated Value

$2,040 - $2,400

Use the contact tab at the top to reach me for purchase, questions, bookings, etc.

(I will try and make some video demos this weekend to post here. Until then I will post some of the videos it is being used on.) But there are tons of videos on my youtube channel with me playing this one. It's been my constant companion for year.



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