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I do most of my own representation these days. Would love to sign on full time with a talent rep at some point. 


//  Origin:  Georgetown, KY
//  Genres:  Americana/Folk
//  Years Active:  1993- Present
//  Label:  None (Yet)
//  Website:  jeffblackburnmusic.com
Short Bio

I have spent quite a bit of time traveling and singing songs for anyone that will listen. From Renfro Valley all the way out to Texas and even LA. I have seen a lot of highway and a lot of faces out there and I enjoy every show. Whether there is 10 people or 1,000 I give my all every time I hit the stage. If I can help people forget about all the stress and crapola in their lives for a few hours, then I have done what I have set out to do. As Jimmy Buffett says, provide some "escapism" for folks. Solo shows up to full Jeff Blackburn Band, every show means a lot to me.




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