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//  Origin:  Georgetown, KY
//  Genres:  Americana/Folk
//  Years Active:  1993- Present
//  Label:  None (Yet)
//  Website:
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Short Bio

I have spent quite a bit of time traveling and singing songs for anyone that will listen. From Renfro Valley all the way out to Texas and even LA. I have seen a lot of highway and a lot of faces out there and I enjoy every show. Whether there is 10 people or 1,000 I give my all every time I hit the stage. If I can help people forget about all the stress and crapola in their lives for a few hours, then I have done what I have set out to do. As Jimmy Buffett says, provide some "escapism" for folks. Solo shows up to full Jeff Blackburn Band, every show means a lot to me.


We play Americans, rock, country, bluegrass and lots more genres of music. We love Robert Earl Keen, John Prine, Hayes Carll, and many others like that. We also play the classic songs everyone loves to sing along to. I consider us to be a fun time party band that remains focused on the listeners having a great experience and forgetting about all the craziness and stress in their lives for a few hours. That's where the magic is in what we do. Having such an eclectic catalog of songs, we have something for everyone. It's a guaranteed good time every time.

This year's tour is called The Road Dog Revival Tour 2021. Me and the Road Dogs (as I lovingly refer to the band as) are ready to get back out and do what we do after the crazy year of COVID and lots of venues having to cancel and people being scared and “locked down”. So we are ready for the music to be “Revived”. Come have a great time with us, you’ll be glad you did. 


"ROAD TO S" TOUR - 2022


I do most of my own representation these days. Would love to sign on full time with a talent rep at some point. 

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