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1990 Martin D-35P Shadetop
Serial: 501625

One of the few Shadetops I have seen in this era. I have gigged this guitar and it is amazing. Sounds great and looks like a Pre-War Guitar. Setup great and ready to play. Hurts my soul to sell this old friend but I have the chance to buy a real pre war guitar company guitar. Get a Pre-War look at a fraction of the price. 

When I got it I took the bridge off and reglued it, made the piece for the endpin area, did a setup on it, reglued some binding. Other than that I have done nothing but play it. Amazing sound acoustically. Also has a JJB or KK inside. I install so many pickups in guitars that come through my shop that I can't remember but it sounds great plugged in. I have not added much to the road wear but that's why I bought the guitar. It looks amazing with the rash. It's got the mojo. 


Case is poor condition but is functional and super cool. It is the only Martin branded case that I have seen with butterfly style case latches. I carry it a fiberglass touring case so the case for this monster is just in my garage covered up in my case rack. 


This guitar & case would be what I would consider to be a "Unicorn" find of sorts. I will probably be mad at myself when it sells but selling it is the only way to justify adding in a Pre-War Guitar Company guitar to my tools of the trade.

Not really up for sale, but everything has a price. If you are interested give me shout.

Thanks for looking at it.


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