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Jeff Blackburn

Georgetown, KY

I was raised around music my whole life. It's in my blood. Some of my earliest memories are of my dad and his cousins, uncles, family playing music from bluegrass it Ike & Tina and everything in between. There's a picture at mom's house in an old picture book of me sitting crossed legged in my dad's guitar case. Me, my dad, and both my brothers still play music every time we are together for any reason. Since the early 90's I have been playing in bands, doing solo gigs, etc from Central, KY and also spent some time traveling with a country band based out of Knoxville. My mottos is always, tune up and throw down, every opportunity I can get.

I also do a few speaking engagements each year. Motivational, leadership, inspirational, etc.


Steve Maynard

Winchester, KY

Steve plays dobro and banjo for me in quite a few of my shows. He is a professional performer with the professional bluegrass gospel group called Higher Vision. On the weekends he is not touring with them he comes out and plays gigs with me. Been my right hand on the road for going 20 years now. You won't find a better person out there.

Zac Combs

Winchester, KY

Zac comes to the band through Jeff and Steve both. They all played in a bluegrass called Custom Made Bluegrass based out of Winchester, KY for many years. Zac is joining the back fulltime in 2023 as he filled in with the band everytime he could in 2022.

Joseph "Zwisch" Zwischenberger

Lexington, KY

Retired heart surgeon and now teaches at U of K Medical School. His background in music is based in bluegrass and he used to play banjo and took lessons for J.D. Crowe himself. Since a thumb surgery prevented him from continuing on the banjo he took up harmonica and is a world class harmonica player. Super fun and exciting to have in the band.

Jonathan "Jonny" Estep

Ludlow, KY

He's a solid player and a heck of a dude. You will see him on the bigger gigs we do and maybe a few of the others too. Jonathan is versed in many genres on music and can play anything with strings on it. Amazing fellow and a great talent and addition to the band


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