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"Our guests (and staff) really enjoy the evening when Mr. Jeff Blackburn is playing!  His unique play list and perfect volume adds to the relaxing atmosphere of the winery while throwing in a few foot stompin' songs in the mix too! Thank you for sharing your passion and soul with us Jeff!"
                                                                   Debbie Wilson

                                                                   Tasting Events Coordinator

                                                                    Music Coordinator & Distribution

                                                                    Elk Creek Vineyards

"Jeff Blackburn played at the winery this past Saturday March 2nd.. Songs from Buffett to Bluegrass, lite rock, country, and folk. We can't wait to have him back."

                                                                  - Kevin Stewart, 12 Mile Creek Winery

I refer to myself as an "acoustic entertainer". Performing is one thing, entertaining is yet another. I play all over and you will usually find me with acoustic guitar in hand singing. I am joined by different people most every show so it is never the same old same old show. My mind is full of song lyrics so yell out your favorites and let's see if I know it. As well as performing my own songs, I play everything from Buffett to Bluegrass.

I perform solo, duo, trio, all the way up to the full Jeff Blackburn Band.

I also do a few speaking engagements each year.I usually so motivational, leadership, inspirational, etc talks. I enjoy speaking and teaching.


I grew up in a Christian household and love all the memories of church and family. I consider myself as a non-demoninational Christian these days. Man created a thousand different denominations. That being said, that's why I am what I am. I am nobody's judge, nobody's savior, just a good guy that's doing the best that I can.

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